Prekindergarten’s Bubble Fun…get the recipe here

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014

Prekindergarten’s Bubble Fun…get the recipe here




Sunshine Corners' Bubble Fun

Sunshine Corners’ Bubble Fun

The children in Sunshine Corners’ prekindergarten class mixed up their own bubble solution and have been having been enjoying the fun of bubbles.  They took their mixed outside and used big wands to create large bubbles.  They had fun making bubbles of all sizes to send to the sky.  They had the opportunity for bubble play in the classroom when Miss Beth coated the table with soapy water, gave each child their own cup of solution and a straw.  They quickly got busy blowing bubbles tight there on the table. They had big bubbles, piles of bubbles, bubbles inside of each other and all kinds of fun!  On another day, they used empty bottle with no lids, attached a sock with a rubber band and blew through the top to make bubble snakes!  So cool!


1 cup of Dawn dish detergent

gallon of water

3 tablespoons corn syrup

Fill  the gallon jug 3/4 with water.  Add the Dawn dish soap and corn syrup then gently stir (so as not to create many bubbles while mixing). Enjoy!

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