About Sunshine Corners

Linda Younger Executive Director – It is amazing to see how little seeds when given lots of tender, loving care can blossom and grow. That is how I feel about the opportunity I have been given as I watch children learn, play and grow at Sunshine Corners.  It has been a pleasurable experience and positive learning curve for me these past 25 years to be a part of the Sunshine Corners family. While caring for children in my home and noticing the need for quality childcare in our community, the seed for Sunshine Corners was planted.

The responsibility of running Sunshine Corners is shared along with many caring, educated, loving individuals. A volunteer Board of Directors guides the business and formulates policy. Staff, some who are college educated, some who carry many years of experience working with and loving children and some who are new to the early childhood education field carry on the daily learning activities. Two directors are necessary to maintain compliance with government requirements and regulations, arrange for the supplies that are required to run a business this size, set up menus, plan schedules, and support children, families and staff in whatever way we are able.

As executive director and co-founder of Sunshine Corners I have loved caring for and working with children for twenty-five years. My experience of ten years prior to Sunshine Corners was with licensed in-home child care. I have an Associate Degree in early childhood education, ServSafe Certification (food safety), a certificate of achievement from FEMA (intruder safety course), and continue to pursue additional training in many aspects of the early childhood education field. I serve on the Board of Directors of LAAEYC a local early childhood education organization.

I truly enjoy the laughter of children. I find delight in listening to the many stories they are always ready to offer and treasure that each day they trust me enough to share their joys and sorrows. My goal is to continue to plant the seeds that provide all that is necessary to maintain Sunshine Corners as a special place where children are nurtured, allowed to learn through play, can grow and are loved.  Sunshine Corners received its name because sunshine is warm and a corner is a safe, cozy place…may it always be so.

Diane Stevenson Director, Sunshine Corners, Inc. Diane has been with Sunshine Corners since 2003, deciding to work here so she could bring her 18 month old son along to work with her.  Since then, her belief in what Sunshine Corners provides for the children in their care has only been affirmed by watching her young son blossom into a capable and intelligent school-age child.  Touching the lives of the young children who attend the center and watching them learn, grow and play is the best part of each day.  Also among her favorite responsibilities are the daily interactions with the children in the center and the contact she maintains with the families whose children attend Sunshine Corners

Sunshine Corners, Inc. is a non-profit childcare center, serving the community and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Sunshine Corners, Inc. does not discriminate against individuals or groups because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, or non-relevant handicaps and disabilities.